The Hockey Hall of Fame welcomes its latest class on Monday, and with that induction comes the usual hand-wringing and debate over the worthiness of the honorees. Did Paul Kariya play enough games? Did Dave Andreychuk play too many games? Was Mark Recchi's medical degree the tipping point for him? Here's a part of the NHL iron on transfers that's satisfying.

Please click gou'm when you have time,The problem is that the Hockey Hall of Fame is not restricted to the best of the best, the true immortals, the players whose legacies are whispered in hushed tones among puckheads. It's too often the "Hall of Very Good," or worse, the "Hall of Guys Whom the Selection Committee Generally Likes as People and Hence Will Do Them a Solid."

It doesn't have to be this way. There's a simple four-quadrant test one can apply to prospective Hall of Fame candidates to see if they have the stuff of legends, and here it is:

  1. Alone production: This encompasses their stats and their accomplishment records, aural the ambience of the player's era.

    2. On-ice impact: What did that alone achievement beggarly for the player's teams and teammates? "Winning" is array of a ambiguous concept, but there are means to analyze this appulse -- postseason scoring, scoring ante in aggregation wins, appulse on teammates via WOWY stats -- that can advice quantify it.

    3. Prestige: Could this amateur be advised a part of the top three in his position at any time during his career? This is area awards and accolades appear in, as able-bodied as comparisons with his peers.

4. Cultural impact: The fame aspect of the equation, but also the most subjective one. Did this player revolutionize his position or cause others to emulate him? Was he considered a star? Was there something transcendent about this player?

We've taken this test and applied it to a few dozen active players, putting them into four categories -- The Locks, The Likely, The Close and the Long Shots -- depending on how many quadrants they can check off. Keep in mind the Hall of Fame evaluates players not only for NHL performances but internationally too.



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