Getting to know me and Love, Hate,NHL iron on transfers1

posted on 27 Oct 2017 09:49 by irononsticker

In Week 4 of this season, I wrote a "Love/Hate" column with this premise:

I sent a text to a bunch of my friends and colleagues here at ESPN and here's what the text said:

Doing a goofy thing for my column tomorrow where I am asking various colleagues to ask me one question -- a self-made interview, if you will -- and I will answer them in my column with attribution. Here is a good NHL iron on transfers, you can click.

So, if you have a moment, can you ask me one question? Ask anything you want ... about me, about fantasy, about you, about literally anything you might be slightly curious about me or anything else. I'll print under your name and answer. That cool?

I got so many amazing questions that, well, we had to cut some of them for length back in Week 4. But the column was well received and I wanted to do something light this week after the past few weeks. (Thank you again for all the messages that keep coming in. I will get to all of them eventually, I swear. It means so very much to me.)

Anyway, here are some more of the unedited questions I got back and my responses.

Eric Karabell (ESPN Senior Writer, Fantasy Hall of Famer): If your child said he or she wanted to follow your footsteps into the fantasy life as writer and personality, what would you say?