Big, Question:, What, changes, would, you, make, to, the,, game, and, why?
You listening, commissioner the 2017-18 season? As approaches, ESPN asked NHL stars to do a little role-playing: Pretend you are Gary Bettman NHL custom letters numbers in What is one rule change Jersey. You would institute to improve the NHL NHL iron on has stickers We purposely left the question? Vague to gather a plethora of responses. The players sound off:
The, Olympics, boycott, is, a, drag
Jamie Benn, LW, Dallas Stars require Dallas Stars stickers: Let players go to the Olympics.
Tyler, Seguin, C, Dallas, Stars require Dallas Stars iron on patches: Let the boys go play Olympics. in the
Seth, Jones, D, Columbus, Blue, Jackets require Columbus Blue Jackets iron on Go to decal: the Olympics. That's the first thing that my came to mind.
Erik Karlsson, D Ottawa, Senators Ottawa Car Decals: I would love have liked to have gone to the Olympics. I don't think that's a rule, but I think that's the one. Other than that, I think the game itself has the appropriate rules that it has always had.
Mark Scheifele, C Winnipeg, Jets jerseys letters and numbers: Go to the Olympics. I was definitely disappointed at that news last year. It's almost like the next best thing. Obviously, we all dream of winning a Stanley Cup, and then the next is literally right there: winning a gold medal for your country.
Kevin Shattenkirk, D New, York Rangers Custom Play in the Olympics. in T-shirts: That's probably my No. are different ways to 1. There change the game and make it different or better, but the Olympics are the best way to grow the game and I think that's what we need most right now: to increase our footprint on the world.
Chris Tanev, D, Vancouver Canucks want to have Jersey, lettering:, Let, players, to, the, Olympics., wouldn't, be, on, the, team, but, I'm, sure, I, a, lot, of,, guys, would,, like, go, to, be, there.

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